A Year in Canada

This year I am in Canada studying sustainability at Dalhousie University. While my study abroad didn’t send me very “abroad”, I have been given an opportunity to learn about my country, climate change, and other environmental issues from a different perspective.

Sustainability practices are implemented not only all over campus but the city as well. Buying local is heavily encouraged with daily farmer’s markets, locally sourced restaurants, and Nova Scotia-born businesses. The walkability of the city means fewer cars and lower emissions. Mandated recycling and composting programs allow the city to divert two-thirds of its waste away from landfills. The city is a model for environmentally-friendly practices that I have learned a lot from.

Aside from my time in the classroom, I have been able to explore the sites of Nova Scotia. I have visited the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Citadel Hill National Historic Site, Peggy’s Cove, and other local treasures. The waterfront is always bustling with people taking in the views of the ocean and fishing off the pier. Point Pleasant Park is a haven for walking along the shore or jogging through the forest. There are always events going on and I haven’t been bored yet.

While Canada may not seem so different from “the states” (as they call it here), it has a completely unique culture. I’ve learned about the variances in our strategies involving the environment, how other places handle resource management, and how other countries perceive the United States. I have already broadened my education so much thus far and I am excited to continue to do so.



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