How to Succeed at Purdue University

1) Take advantage of the academic resources provided to you
       At Purdue there are several ways to get academic help if you need it. There are Supplemental Instructions (SI) sessions which are student run help sessions that go slower and are more one on one to help you understand the lecture material. There are help rooms specific to departments where both students and graduate students will be to help you. They may not be versed in your specific class, but they know information about the overall subject area. Professors and TAs will hold office hours where you can get one on one help. Take advantage of these!! They show your professor how dedicated you are to succeeding, plus you get to know your professor on a personal level. If you need help don’t be afraid to get it!!
2) Get involved with clubs
     Purdue offers over a thousand clubs on campus both academic focused and just fun clubs. Get involved in clubs! They help you meet new friends with the same interests as you. Clubs also provide you with a nice break away from studying. There are also athletic clubs, so if you didn’t quite want to commit to college athletics, but still want to play a sport there are clubs for that! Get involved!!
3) Get involved with your major
     Meet with your advisers, meet the directors of your program, meet the administrative staff, and meet the other students in your major. Creating relationships within your department help make it feel more like a family. It also comes in handy when it comes time to get letters of recommendations. Go to the events your department holds! You’ll meet people within your major and then you’ll start to see some familiar faces in your classes. 
4) Study Smart not Dumb
     College can be hard, but just because it is doesn’t mean you need to put your mental health at risk. Study, but give yourself breaks and allow yourself to have fun. School is important, but so is being happy. Allow yourself to have the college experience. Remember that if you do need help, there are so many resources for it whether it be academically, physically, or mentally. 
5) Take Part in the Boilermaker Traditions
     Four years at the same school seems like a long time, but in reality its not. Taking part in Purdue traditions gives you a sense of pride for your school and a sense of belonging. Do the fountain run, even if it seems silly. Jump over the train tracks, get a den pop, DO NOT WALK UNDER THE BELL TOWER, go to the sports events even if you aren’t a big sports fan (trust me you’ll regret it if you don’t), and last wear your black and gold with pride. Purdue is a great school so be proud that you go here!
Boiler Up and Hammer Down!

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