Canoe to Work Day!

This summer I am working for a Civil/Environmental Engineering Firm in Downtown Indy! So far, this has been my favorite professional experience to date. I have been working in the engineering, regulatory services, and planning departments. My work either consists of research for new projects, wetland mitigation, or engineering plans! I am learning so much, plus I am hardly in the office which is a nice bonus 😊.

Christopher B. Burke, the company I work for, also has hosted “Canoe to Work Day” for 8 years now! I was so lucky to be able to partake and meet some of our customers as well as our mayor. 3 hours on the White River was a great way to start the morning and encourage people to take care of our river. Check out the photo below to see some of us in our boats!

I am anxious to start senior year but am having such a fun time here at my internship. It’s awesome to see engineering and environmental science come together.canoetowork


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