Environmental Consulting Internship

As our lovely Midwest weather begins to turn from the beautiful early fall days to the wet and cold (and sometimes snowy!) fall days, my mind begins to wander back to the much warmer summer. In doing this, I’m reminded of the internship I was so lucky to have the privilege of working at. Over the summer, I worked at TecServ Environmental, Inc., a small environmental consulting company in my hometown. I got to do a combination of things this summer, including doing research to assist with our projects, go out to our project sites and see how different projects were undertaken, and just do basic office things like making copies or scanning reports.

This job was definitely unlike any other job I’ve worked before. Some days were pretty typical office days that involved just sitting around the office doing work on the computer or scanning and binding a report. I would sometimes research a site we were planning on visiting later that week, or sometimes I would look up environmental laws in other states to help with a project, or I would even find information on when certain certifications would expire to make sure my boss stayed up-to-date on those. Other days, we were out and about visiting project sites. Not many people can say they’ve visited condemned hotels, old factories, and random houses all in the same job.

Environmental consulting is pretty interesting and important to both human and environmental health, but personally, I can’t see myself staying in the field after college. Despite this, I am still grateful for the opportunity I was given and the experience I gained this summer!


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