Graduating During a Pandemic

Graduating College is supposed to be one of the most important milestones of your life. 2020-05-02_05-00-45_000There are so many memories created and opportunities awaken. But what if when your year to graduate comes and the whole world shuts down due to a pandemic? I never thought it would happen in my wildest dreams, but here it happened to me.


Safe to say this year is like no other and it will always be remembered. Classes have been online since March and as the days count down closer to graduation, I can’t help but feel nothing. There’s no senioritis, sadness, or happiness. It just doesn’t feel real. In a little more than a week my college career will be over, but why doesn’t it feel like it?


I have my cap and gown and even my diploma, but it still hasn’t hit me. Maybe it’s because I never got to say goodbye to my friends or people I went to class with, I’ll just never see them again. I’ll never get walk across the stage at Elliott Hall of Music with the Class of 2020 and I’ll never get to experience a real senior week.


It’s been tough trying to make future plans. Companies aren’t hiring and graduate schools are unsure of what the future looks like. Luckily, I had accepted an internship at Walt Disney World as a backup plan, but even now there is still no certainty that it will still happen.


The silver-lining in all of this is realizing that you are not alone in this struggle. Graduates all across the world are in the same situation as you. Companies and schools know what we have been through. The Purdue faculty and staff and Alumni Association have done a great job at still trying to make this graduation special.


Even though I won’t be ending this year with a traditional fountain run I am still ever grateful for my time here at Purdue. I know that my education and experiences here will take me to great places. Plus, now when I come back to visit everything will be a little more special to me.


Boiler Up and Hammer Down Forever




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