Activities Around Campus

Throughout my three and a half years at Purdue I have attended and participated in activities that have made my experience here even more rewarding. Some of my favorite events I have attended at Elliot Hall are the Purdue Christmas Shows, Bill Nye: Life Beyond Earth, and a Young the Giant concert. I even attended a Cage the Elephant concert there my senior year of high school. I also enjoy attending academic presentations and seminars. My favorite presentation I attended hosted by a famous environmentalist Bill McKibben, in which he spoke about his global environmental movement 350. Since I volunteered at the event, I was invited to have breakfast with him and the rest of the volunteers. One of my favorite organizations I was involved with was Boiler League of Tag (BLT). This club has Nerf based activities such as capture the flag and Humans V.S. Zombies. This club was a great opportunity to be active, learn team skills, and make friends. Lastly, whenever it is warm you can see me riding around campus on my longboard. I hope to join the longboarding club this spring and make some more friends to skate with.


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