Sweden Study Abroad

Purdue is a great university when it comes to study abroad. I knew I also wanted to, and with the study abroad financial assistance, almost my whole trip was covered besides transportation, food, and recreation. In July of 2019 I went to North Eastern Sweden for a month with Purdue Students, NCSU students, and students from a few universities around Sweden. We visited four cities: Umeå, Vindeln, Sorsele, and Ammarnäs. Throughout the trip we learned about preservation practices, wind power, hydroelectric power, fish migration, wildlife, and forestry. When I was there, I saw so many things that I had never seen before. I saw the top of mountains from other mountains, streams flowing from mountain snow, weasels, wild blueberry bushes, and a reindeer. The combination of clean mountain water and fresh blueberries is unbeatable. One of my favorite activities was white water rafting on the Vindeln River. I had never done it before, and it was something I would love to do again. If you have never left the country before, you should take advantage of Purdue’s study abroad opportunities!


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