Looking for Summer Internships

Second semester generally marks the time that we all start looking for summer internships. It may be stressful, so here are a list of tips for how to prep so it isn’t as overwhelming when you find an internship you want to apply for:

1. Look on job boards to see what kind of internships are available and where you would potentially like to apply. Checking the NRES internships and newsletter email can be a great place to start!

2. Update and look over your resume. Even if there isn’t anything new to add, looking over your resume to update formatting, punctuation, and small changes that make you feel prepared. You can find more information about resumes on Purdue’s CCO website.

3. Go to the FNR career fair. Even if you don’t see a specific internship you want to apply for, learning how to talk to different companies and organizations will make you feel more confident when talking to the place you want to apply. The next FNR career fair is February 10th, 2021 and is virtual!

Waterfall at Clifty Falls State Park, where I worked as a seasonal naturalist in the summer of 2019


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