Getting Involved in Sustainability at Purdue

By: Anna Hampton

One of my favorite things about Purdue is that there is a club or organization for almost everything! There are so many ways to get involved meet new people, learn new skills, serve the Purdue community, and overall have some fun. That includes a variety of environmental organizations, as one of the directors of Sustainability for Purdue Student Government I recently organized a Sustainability Summit where I was able to hear from and learn more about Purdue’s environmental organizations. Each organization is unique and offers different opportunities and ways to get involved. Here are a few you might consider:

  • Environmental Science Club:
  • The Environmental Science Club aims to increase the education, awareness, and community involvement of its members relating to the field of environmental science.
  • More information can be found on their Instagram @escpurdue or on Boilerlink.
  • Boiler Green Initiative:
  • To be the voice for students interested and concerned about sustainability.
  • To work with administration and outside organizations to implement feasible changes on and off campus relating to environmental sustainability
  • To plan events and interactive opportunities to educate the Purdue community on how sustainable changes can be implemented into their daily lives.
  • More information can be found on their Instagram @bgi_purdue, on their website, or on Boilerlink.
  • Purdue Student Sustainability Council:
  • To raise awareness and enact meaningful change related to environmental sustainability for the students of Purdue University and the surrounding community.
  • With committees dedicated to: Climate, Erase the Waste, Friday Night Lights, Outreach, Precious Plastics, Textile Waste, and Blog
  • More information can be found on their Instagram @psscouncil, on their website, and on Boilerlink.
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby:
  • Primary goal is to promote the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act through lobbying and grassroots mobilization. Primarily focus on carbon fee, carbon dividend, and border carbon adjustment.
  • They can be found on Instagram @cclpurdue.
  • West Lafayette Students for Climate Action:
  • Mission of bringing students and administration together to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030
  • They can be found on Instagram @wl4climateaction and on Twitter @wlclimateaction

Additionally, while not a student club or organization the Center for the Environment is a wonderful resource and worth checking out if you are interested in research.

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