Earth Team Volunteer

Over this past summer, I had an opportunity to volunteer at the Natural Resource Conservation Service in my county. I knew I wanted to get experience working with natural resources, so I chose to take advantage of this opportunity. I volunteered once per week throughout the summer. Altogether, I ended up volunteering a little over 100 hours. I spent time doing field work which included visiting farms and office work which entailed filing, organizing and paperwork. I was able to see the balance that the NRCS has between office work and field work. I also got the opportunity to attend board meetings and workshops. One of my favorite workshops was a cover crop convention that occurred at the Purdue Farm. 
With the opportunity to volunteer, I also got to lead a cover crop project. For this project, I got to use cover crop boxes that a past volunteer had made. I then added doors to the boxes and created signage and information that would be displayed. These boxes would be placed at the fairgrounds for people to see.  In the picture, you can see one of the boxes I created. It was a great project that allowed me to be creative. This volunteer opportunity allowed me to get experience and figure out more with what I want to do as a career. I would highly recommend being an Earth Team Volunteer. 

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