Indiana Governor’s Internship

This summer I am interning in the 2019 Indiana Governor’s Public Policy Internship. This program consists of numerous different government departments taking in students and integrating them into the workplace as if they were new employees. I am spending my part of the internship in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). Specifically, I work in the Air Quality department writing air permits.

Air permitting consists of reviewing, writing, and amending permits that contain state and federal rules/regulations for businesses across the state. Every business that emits pollutants must have either an exemption, registration, MSOP, FESOP or TV permit to operate. Some of the pollutants I monitor in my division consist of VOCs, HAPs, PM/10/2.5, CO2, NOx, and SO2.

My workload for my internship roughly consists of amending 6-8 permits at a time. Each of my permits takes from 30-120 days to complete. This process is a lot of excel sheets, emission calculations, scientific writing, and rule reading.

The hardest part of my internship for me is trying to make sense of the laws. When I get a permit to complete, I have to figure out every single regulation, code, and rule that the business is subject to. I find it overwhelming at times trying to read the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) since it is hundreds of pages long.

Either way, I love the experience of being in a government job and knowing what it is like to work with the state! I also think that knowing how to read and write official rules will be very beneficial to my future.


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