Pathways Positions with the U.S. Forest Service

If you are interested in working for the Forest Service, enjoy field-work, and desire job 179905EE-642B-4B5D-BEAA-9D54F73273FF-9B2C56AD-9A00-4710-864C-14013D65E8A7 (1)security, this blog post is for you. About a year ago, I was finishing up a seasonal job working for the Forest Service when my boss asked me if I would be interested in a career with the Forest Service. I, personally, very much enjoyed the work and was able to push past the bureaucracy of federal employment, so I said yes. My boss told me about this program within federal employment called Pathways. Basically it works like this: you apply into the program, into any department hiring (I chose forestry/silviculture), and if you’re hired, you sign a contract agreeing to work in your granted position until you graduate and then after graduation as well. It basically guarantees you a full-time job after college (as long as you meet the annual requirements for training). This is a great way to get your foot in the door, and enter a job that is meant for recent grads, meaning you’ll be trained, and not just thrown to the wolves. Of course there are stipulations, and I would recommend a second set of eyes to read your contract (might be time to call your dad), but I found that the requirements were reasonable and your supervisor will help you and have a training plan ready. 


I just finished up working my first summer in this position as a Silviculture Forester this past summer in John Day, Oregon on the Malheur National Forest. This job was awesome. The majority of my responsibilities included field work, meaning I was paid to hike around a national forest all day! There are office components as well (you’ll never escape GIS) but they help you build the foundation necessary to be successful in your field. I am already anxiously awaiting my return to Oregon after graduation. I am fortunate to have obtained this position and to have a job in crazy COVID times like these. I would highly recommend the Pathways Program (through USAJobs) to anyone interested in similar work and having similar career aspirations. If you have any questions about this process (it can be a little convoluted) don’t hesitate to reach out to me! My email is (And my forest is hiring!) Good luck out there guys, hope to see you in the field some day. 



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